We are a multi-specialty clinic conveniently located in Scarborough

We are a multi-specialty clinic conveniently located in Scarborough, having several years of trusted and quality treatment to its credit. Our treatment repertoire consists of a wide range of disciplines and a comprehensive healing strategy for every condition and problem.


A crucial element in healing is your own active involvement in the healing process and being at the driver’s seat on your own road to recovery.


• You are continually involved in that your independence and your vision of a quality life are incorporated in the healing plan.

• Rather than become dependent on outside factors, we show you the way to self-reliance through a steady and focused restoration of your mind and body to its pre-injury/pain status.


We’ve assembled a team that has the background, qualifications, and sincere care that will enable you on the way to improving your life.


Our team comprises of professionals from a wide host of medical specialties. We believe in offering you all the options necessary to get you the best treatment possible.


• Physiotherapists

• Chiropractors

• Occupational Therapists

• Massage Therapists

• Psychologists

• Social Workers


At Friendly Rehab, we are proud to have an outstanding team that believes in working with you on your path to recovery.




We believe in providing you state-of-the-art medical technology to make your treatment safer, faster, and simpler.

We also update our equipment to ensure you get the best possible up-to-date treatment. We use:


• Ultra Sound, Interferential Currents, Tens, etc.

• Micro Currents

• Thermotherapy

• Electric Cervical Rehabilitation Units

• Spinal Traction Unit for Cervical & Lumbar Spine

• Physical Conditioning Equipment

• Work Hardening, Work Simulation System


Our specialists are trained in using the equipment most efficiently and are always adaptable to your individual needs.



CALL 416.261.4440 To Let Us HELP YOU Get Better!

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